Attaching Audio Clips

Audio Clip


The Audio clip element allows you to upload audio recordings into an article. These recordings can be of an assembly or a class activity where the visual element is not required. The audio clip must be in .mp3 format.

From within the edit article screen, click on the “Audio Clip” element.

Insert a subheading relating to the document, this is optional. For example:
To upload your document, click “Browse”.
The file upload screen will appear, browse to your file, select and click “Open”.
Your chosen file/s name will appear next to the browse button.
Add a file description, again this is optional. For example:
Click “Save” and your element will appear in your Article Content.
Click on the ‘Preview’ icon to view how the recording will view to your subscribers. For example:
You have successfully attached a recording to your article.

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