Text Block Overview


The text block is an element which is used to create content such as text, imagery, tables and links, making it the most versatile element in ePublisher when creating your article/s.

Click here to view The Text Editor Basics Demo video


To access the Text Block Element, click on Create New Article.



In the top right-hand corner of the Editor Screen, there are 6 icons; these icons are used for the following:



To the left of the text editor, you will see the editor menu. These are the elements which you can use to create your content within the text block. Click on the icon to view the options available.



1. Text Editor

The text editor consists of 8 individual formatting options as seen below. These formatting options allow you to not only create plain text content but content that stands out within your newsletter. By formatting your plain text using options such as c and d, you are drawing the reader to the detail of what is written. The text block also allows you to copy and paste from an external source such as Word, whilst maintaining some of the formats in the word document.



2. Inserting images

Using the preset image alignment options assists you with creating a text block consisting of wording along with an image/s to support your message which you are delivering to your readers. Images can also help in breaking up wordy messages and attract attention.


3. Inserting a table

Tables can be inserted in a text block for reasons such as event timetables, student’s awards and important dates. You can choose to either, create a table from within the text block, or copy and paste from an external source such as Word or Excel.

Note: Formatting such as colour is not retained and must be reapplied.



4. Links

Creating a link in your content within a text block is a way of directing the reader to an external source, for example, web page, email address or downloadable document/file.

This feature also gives you the ability to customize the directing text within the content.

For example – www.austnews.com.au to click Here.


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